Club Training Days

Club "Training Days" are typically held on the Saturday following LCRC's regular monthly membership meetings unless there is a conflict due to Holidays or Hunt Test Scheduling.  When there is a conflict, the Club Training Cooridinator will attempt to schedule an alternate training date.

Get involved in the training days, We have a lot of fun at training days. These days are about helping each other with training our dogs. 

Retriever Training Articles
First it’s the breeding... Then it’s the training

Training From Rascals to Champions

Other Articles of Interest
The purpose of these articles is to present information in order to help in developing your dog to his fullest potential. Retriever Training and Dog games are a Team Sport. You are the coach of the team. But, make no mistake, this is a team effort. If both members of the team are not working together toward the same goal you will fail. As the coach of the team you must lead the team. It is your job to establish the lines of communication between the canine athlete and the human trainer. You set the mood for training and testing. If the mood is one of intimidation neither you nor your dog will consistenly perform to the highest potential. Be fair, be consistent and remember this a not a human versus canine game. Work together and you will achieve your goals. Great retrievers don't just happen; they are built using a blend of the retriever's natural attributes: intelligence, drive and trainability; and consistent training.

This page was last updated: February 14, 2017